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Occasionally a special needs cat becomes available. This is a Kitty that either was born with a handicap, or acquired a chronic illness while growing up. These cats are very special, they will be basically healthy and will make loving pets for the right person. They may require special care, usually homecare with Vet supervision. Or they might  have a handicap that will not require unusual Vet care but has special care needs.

The perfect home for any special needs cat is a home with no young children, a person who understands that every life is  special, an owner who has a very good relationship with their Vet, and uses a Vet who understands that some illnesses will be chronic and one can not cure it, but manage it with supportive care. A person who is not looking for the perfect cat, just a little life to love that requires a little more care and understanding from its owner.

Why do breeders have special needs cat.

Just like in humans, not every baby is born perfect, these cats deserve wonderful homes and it is the breeders responsibility to take the best of care of this little kitty and when ready find the most perfect home, a home where the cat is safe, will have great care and lots of hugs. I feel that every cat born in my home will either stay with me, or be adopted out into a wonderful home.

Breeders have the responsibility of creation, for the perfect kitties as well as the not so perfect kitties



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