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Canadian Cat Association

 Cat Fanciers Association

    The Sphynx is firm and muscular with a broad chest, slim neck and pear shaped body.  They are not completely hairless.  The skin should have the texture of chamois and may be covered with a very short down.  On the ears, muzzle, tail, feet and testicles, there will be short, tightly packed soft hair.  the skin is very wrinkled in kittens and adults should retain as many wrinkles as possible, especially on the head.  These wrinkles provide much needed insulation.  the lack of a thick insulating coat makes the Sphynx very warm to the touch.

Although these cats do not have hair that needs to be combed, they do secrete an oil from their skin and require frequent bathing.  The Sphynx is hypo-allergenic; thus people who have allergies to cat hair can usually tolerate the breed.


The Sphynx is very people-orientated and affectionate.  They are highly intelligent, playful, cuddly, often described as being "part dog, part child, part monkey, and part cat".

Taken from the CCA web site