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Buck joined our family in the summer of 2007, and immediately took over a houseful of dogs. In fact, I believe he thinks he is one of them, as he is most often found playing with their toys, eating their food and sleeping in their crates! He must always be the centre of attention, and loves to go visiting! He's never met another animal, from wee kittens to large 100lb dogs that he hasn't immediately liked and tried to play with. He's even convinced some of my non-cat friends to consider adding a Sphynx to the family. I couldn't see life without him!  Katherine, Toronto



Having been a dog person all my life, I would never have imagined that the 2 kittens we brought home in January would bring such joy and laughter to our house.  Kenneth and Olive are brother and sister from the same litter and they do everything together, from sleeping together and using their litter box at the same time, to having the most hilarious and vicious play fights I have ever seen.  Because they are hairless, I think my husband, our 2 teenage children and I treat them more like babies than cats.  We make sure they are covered up with a blanket at nap time (which is not really necessary at all) and swaddle Olive for a cuddle:  we have discovered that Kenneth is not so much a fan of swaddling. At almost any time of the day (but especially after supper), you can find one or both of them on someone’s lap, purring to beat the band. Bev, London


Kahlua is one crazy kitty...she never ceases to be entertaining!  She loves her "tv" (the fish tank)...well, lets just say that there is pretty much nothing that doesn't make Kahlua happy!  The meowing noise that she makes as she's watching the birdies outside is just hilarious too.  Just like her cousin Pancakes, she loves to play with her puppies.  Kahlua is everything I ever wanted in a kitty and a wonderful heater under the blankets too.  Kahlua is the perfect addition to my family.  I'd have to say that she's everything I could ask for in a pet (with none of those other bad qualities of those "other kinds" of kitties).
Love Kahlua's mommy, Cheryl, Kerwood

Bailey and Max - always soooo patient

    Baxter and Desi

Baxter and Desi live with Doug and Lynda in Cambridge.


Pancakes is the best kitty we could ever imagine.  Sometimes we believe that she thinks she's a puppy because she's always playing with her brother and sisters who're dachshunds.  She makes us laugh daily whether it's her "begging" for her treats, digging her little nest under the blankets, or swatting the dogs when she decides she wants to play.  Pancakes is a lover who always cuddles and gives kisses; she sleeps in bed with us every night.  She is also very social: whenever someone comes over to visit she makes them feel welcome and, of course, demands to be pet.  Pancakes is just wonderful...she's so special that everyone falls in love with her, just like my mom who decided that she needed a Sphynx of her own.  We love our Pancakes
Love Pancakes mommy and daddy, Stacey and Randy, Forest