My Personal Mission

It is sad to say that in today's breeding society that there are those that care more for the dollar value of the cats than the wellbeing of the cat themselves. KitnKrazy has, and will, make every effort to be sure that every kitten or cat placed from our cattery is of sound health both physically and emotionally. Our goal is not only to better the breed but to help educate all new pet owners AND to help end Back Yard Breeders who are a Death factor for any animal.

KitnKrazy is a supporter of EARLY SPAY AND NEUTER.

***No kitten from KitnKrazy has been used for and never will be used for any "creation" of any new unregistered breed of cat. I personally find this practice to be not only unethical but very harmful to the preservation of the Sphynx breed.

What Are Ethics?

Ethics are a set of rules that a person or organization live by and enforce. KitnKrazy has set some high standards for itself and expect the same from fellow breeders.

  1. All pet kittens are altered before placement, no exceptions!

  2. All medical papers by a certified vet are up to date on all kittens and adults in the cattery.

  3. HCM, if found, in any cat has or will be altered.

  4. Breeders and pet owners are allowed to visit my cattery (by appointment) to view conditions.

  5. If show cats are sold, I am willing to mentor the buyer and willing to help them in showing.

  6. I will back up contract of any and all kitten sales, be pets or show.

  7. I have a vet that administers all medical treatment and vaccinations and can be verified.

  8. I am a registered cattery with CFA,CCA, TICA.

  9. I am actively now showing cats in 2 associations (CFA, CCA).

  10. All litters have been registered (CFA, CCA).

  11. No kitten leaves before the minimum age of 14 weeks of age.

  12. I do not charge more for color of the cat or for eye color.

  13. I am available for pet buyers after the sale of the cat.

  14. I will make every attempt to not breed cat before the age of 12 months and will not breed cats before the age of 10 months.

  15. I do not leave whole males constantly confined without interaction. I make every effort to have my males come out with me for a minimum of 2 hours per day and they have access to visit with the other pets of the house throughout the day if he must be confined due to spraying.

  16. I will always take back any cat that cannot be kept by the pet owner.

  17. I have a contract and do not change the price of the kitten at any time with the pet buyer.

  18. If requested I can provide letters of recommendation by fellow breeders. 

  19. If requested I can provide letters of recommendation by pet owners.

Please do not make the mistake of believing that a flashy web site is a sign that the breeder is a good one. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and be prepared to be asked a lot of questions from a good breeder.

Some breeders find the ethics listed are a form of policing and aggression, but I truly care about the future of my kittens/cats and will do everything possible to be sure that they have the best home possible.

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