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How Can I get a Sphynx

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How can I get a Sphynx

To become a new owner of a KitnKrazy kitten, I must be assured you have understood the commitment you are making for the care and maintenance of these beautiful creatures. I will send out a contract that outlines the conditions of care and health guarantee. You must sign the kitten adoption agreement, keep a copy and enclose a $250.00 non refundable deposit to reserve the kitten. The balance is due at before the time of delivery or pickup. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter into an agreement. Remember that shipping is extra and must be included in the final payment. I will keep you updated of the development of the kitten via E-mail along with pictures. Delivery will be arranged at around 14 - 16 weeks of earlier. Sphynx kittens' immune systems develop slowly and they need to have all vaccinations, spaying/neutering and stable health before going to their new home. As stated in the agreement, you should arrange for a general examination by your veterinarian within the first week of arrival to initiate the health guarantee.

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*Important Information About Buying Kittens From KitnKrazy

  • Before leaving KitnKrazy all kittens are spayed or neutered.     

*** I do not place breeding cats. The reason for this is because I have spent many years, time and money developing my program. The Sphynx breed is one of the most exploited breeds out there today and I will protect my kittens from being used in a program the I am not very familiar with.

  • I do not like to ship, however, I will fly with the kitten to you if you buy the flight for me. It is not usually much more than a shipping charge, but much safer for the kitten as it can fly in cabin instead of cargo. Ideally, I would prefer you to come and pick up the kitten if possible so we can meet and you can view the kittens environment.

  • All kittens are kept at KitnKrazy until 14 - 16 weeks of age. All kittens sold by KitnKrazy have a health guarantee.

  • All kittens sold by KitnKrazy have all their kitten immunizations prior to going to their new families.

  • All kittens sold by KitnKrazy are sold subject to my standard contract.

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Kitten price is $1200.00  - $1500.00 Canadian or US dollars however this does not include the delivery cost. Price includes spaying/neutering, kitten vaccinations and CFA & CCA registration papers. Kittens come with a health guarantee as outlined in the adoption agreement.

There is no difference in pricing between males and females. Typically, pet quality kittens are those who do not meet the standard or confirmation of the breed. These kittens may have too much "fuzz" on their body or other trait that would not make them suitable for showing or breeding. Keep in mind these kittens still retain all the personality, intelligence and charm typical of the Sphynx breed. Your kitten will arrive already spayed or neutered and have had the standard vaccinations needed for a kitten as well as several examinations by my veterinarian. I do not vaccinate the kittens for FeLV or FIP as this is a controversial issue.

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